Black Pudding for Brunch from Bury Black Pudding

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You know that Black Pudding can be really good for you right? All that Iron and Protein! It’s also super delicious and really, really versatile.

Bury Black Pudding is one of the UK’s most famous producers of this English delicacy and have been making their puddings to a base recipe that’s over 100 years old.

My favourite recipe with Black Pudding? Got to be Smoked Haddock with Black Pudding, Poached Egg and Asparagus, absolutely delicious . . . And the perfect protein packed post gym meal. I’ll also look out for it served with split peas and a little malt vinegar at the many summer farmers markets and fairs.

For most people it’s eaten at breakfast and The Bury Black Pudding Company are most likely the people who made it for you. Commonly available in major supermarkets . . . BUT they’ll make more cash is you buy it direct from the website.

There’s an interesting range of products available, a few variations on the original:

  • Vegeterian & vegan black pudding
  • Gluten free black pudding
  • Premium black pudding sticks
  • Chilli black pudding
  • Classic black pudding rings
  • White puddings

Prices from just £1.40 with UK delivery and hefty natural shelf life.

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