Crazy Hotdogs & Champagne from Bubbledogs

DIY Hotdog kits

American & French | Nibbles & Drinks | London | ££ | UK Delivery

DIY Hotdog kits and Champagne from Independent producers now available from Bubbleshop London.

So, here we go, this is really cool. The gang at Bubbleshop London are famous for their eclectic range of Champagnes from hand-picked independent Champagne producers.

We’re not sure exactly how the Bubbledogs think kicked off, but it doesn’t really matter because all you need to know is that it has.

With a menu of six DIY hotdog experiences to try, all coming complete with Champagne recommendations, you’re in for a treat:

  • The Bubbledogs Mac Daddy DIY Hotdog Kit @ £20.00
  • The Bubbledogs Experience @ £50.00 (Contains all except caviar)
  • The Chilli Cheese Bubbledogs DIY kit @ £20.00
  • The Reuben Home Kit @ £20.00
  • The Mexican DIY Hotdog kit @ £20.00
  • 50G of Exmoor Caviar @ £100.00 (Obvs)

We suggest that you also check out the range of amazing Champagnes from producers like David Leclapart, Alexandre Filaine & Emmanuel Brochet . . . Prices from around £35.00 and up,

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