Michelin Star Quality at Home with Nigel Hayworth


Discover the perfection of Nigel Hayworth’s fine dining cookery with a selection of undeniable luxury.

Born and raised in the beautiful countryside village of Whalley, Lancashire, Nigel has been at the forefront of Modern British cookery and held a Michelin Star for over 20 years. With a reputation for beautifully selected local and artisan ingredients, Nigel’s menus really do sing the virtues of the Lancastrian larder.

Nigel’s menus change regularly and do sell out quickly. You can usually pre-order from one or two menus depending what’s available when you visit. Prices are around £110.00 for two people with the beauty being that you know your dishes have been prepared by Nigel Hayworth himself!

Check out this sample menu from April:

  • Homemade bread, wild garlic hummus, caramelised onion butter.
  • Monkfish infused with hibiscus curry, king prawn bhaji, saffron mayonnaise, coriander oil.
  • Herdwick lamb stew, roast under shoulder fillet, spring vegetables, olive oil mash.
  • Passion fruit infused savarin, caramelised pineapple, coconut cream.
  • Artisan chocolates.

Go get it!

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Grill it Yourself Grilled Cheese from Northern Soul

Lunch | Casual | £ | UK Delivery

Now here’s a treat. A selection of Gourmet Grill it Yourself kits from Northern Soul Grilled Cheese of Manchester.

With legendary stores in Tib Street & Church Street in Manchester, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese specialises (predictably) in the humble Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The Tib Street branch is currently open for takeaway lunches but for those needing their Grilled Cheese fix then get on over to the DIY kit store where you can order a range of awesome DIY Grilled Cheese kits to enjoy at home:

  • Classic Flava Grilled Cheese Sandwich Kit
  • Vegetarian Goats Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Kit
  • New Yorker Grilled Cheese Sandwich Kit
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Michelin Star food at home with Northcote Manor

You’ve heard of Northcote Manor right? A beautiful hotel and Michelin Starred restaurant in the Ribble Valley founded by Nigel Hayworth and Cheffed by TV friendly Lisa Goodwin-Allen.

Most recently you’ll have seen Lisa competing in the Great British Christmas Menu where she absolutely stormed it!

Nortcote Manor specialise in British Classics and are proud holders of 1 Michelin Star and 4 AA Rosettes so you absolutely know that their Northcote at Home collection is going to be out of this world.

Dine at at home Menus change regularly and sell out very quickly so do makesure you know when the kits are set live on the website.

The most recent Northcote Gourmet Box Menu was as follows:

Winter Gourmet Box Menu @ £105.00 for 2

  • Northcote Cheese Loaf with Butter
  • Herdwick Lamb Minestrone
    Vegetable Pearls, Garden Herbs
  • North Sea Cod
    Romantica Tomato, Lemon, Basil
  • Roast Chicken “Diane”
    Smoked Garlic & Thyme Roasted Chicken Crown, Wild Mushrooms, Chicken Fat Onion, Hispi Cabbage
  • “Rhubarb & Custard”
    Oatmeal Crumble
  • Four Handcrafted Northcote Chocolates

Expect and extended Winter menu available during Feb, before we move into Spring.

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Delicious Meal Kits from Lyle’s Provisions

British | Fine Dining | London | £££ | UK Delivery

Beautifully clean and simple, seasonal British Fayre from the team at Lyle’s in London.

The Lyle’s team stick to the same philosophy of their London Restaurant, creating dishes with seasonal produce sourced from local farmers who follow ethical and sustainable practice.

The team themselves also follow this ethical and sustainable approach, ensuring that as little waste as possible is created and that they find use for as much of the produce bi-product as possible.

Lyle’s Provisions currently have four DIY Menu Boxes available:

Lyle’s Menu Box 1 – Mid-week Menu for 2 @ £70.00

  • (Menu changes regularly)
  • Grilled dried mackerel, lovage, preserved gooseberries
  • Oxtail Pithivier, swede, radicchio
  • Blood orange & olive oil cake
  • Brown Butter Cake

Lyle’s Menu Box 2 – Goose Menu Box for 2 @ £140.00

  • Bread & Butter
  • Mussels, Brassicas, Lovage & Cider
  • Scallops, Artichokes, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette, Fennel Pollen
  • Goose Leg, Carrots & Smoked Bacon
  • Rhubarb & Blood Orange Tart
  • Salted Honey Chocolate
  • Brown Butter Cake

Lyle’s Menu Box 3 – Game Menu Box for 2 @ £140.00

  • Bread & Butter 
  • Razor Clams, Pork Broth & Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Beetroot, Smoked Eel, Blood Orange & Horseradish 
  • Venison, Celeriac, Brown Butter & Radicchio
  • Marmalade Pudding & Custard 
  • Pumpkin Seed Chocolate 
  • Brown Butter Cake

Lyle’s Menu Box 4 – Lyle’s Classics Menu Box for 2 @ £140.00

  • Bread & Butter 
  • Mussels, Brassicas, Lovage & Cider
  • Grilled Dried Mackerel, Preserved Gooseberry, Winter Tomato & Parsley 
  • Mutton, Artichokes, Coco Beans & Black Cabbage 
  • Rhubarb Rice Pudding & Cultured Cream 
  • Lardy Bun Chocolate 
  • Brown Butter Cake 

Check menus for availability and delivery before ordering:

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5 Course Tasting Menu from WOOD Manchester

British | Fine Dining | Manchester | £££ | UK Delivery

In 2015 Simon Wood was crowned Masterchef Champion, and what a champ he was too. As fellow Northerners we were rooting for him all the way.

Nowadays, Chef owns and operates WOOD Restaurant in Manchester and WOODKraft Restaurant in Cheltenham, serving up exquisite dishes and fine wines to run alongside them.

The team at WOOD are now offering a 5 course tasting menu for 2 delivered to your door anywhere in the UK.

This one looks like a real treat:

WOOD at Home – 5 Course Tasting Menu for 2 @ £130.00

  • Chicken and herb broth with roast potato cake
  • Jerusalem artichoke, purple potato, truffle & lacto blueberry
  • Cod, mugwort cream, caviar & springs’ capers
  • Highland venison, fermented red cabbage, hazelnut cocoa nib dragees with parsnip and vanilla
  • Yorkshire rhubarb and custard with meadowsweet

Optional extras @ £15.00 each:

  • Godminster Cheddar, Shipston Blue, Ticklemore Goats Cheese with crackers for 2
  • Prunos Dau Tinto Red Wine
  • Morande Gerwurztraminer White Wine

All delivered direct to your door with all ingredients and cooking instructions.

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Dine At Home with The Yan of Grasmere, Cumbria

British | Bistro | Grasmere, Cumbria | ££ | UK Delivery

Delicious British food to finish at home from The Yan Untethered.

Nestled in the Cumbrian countryside, not far from Grasmere, you’ll find the boutique hotel, The Yan at Broadrayne. The Yan is a beautiful place, peaceful and tranquil operating a restaurant with rooms and have been listed in The Sunday Times 100 top British hotels and in the Guardian’s Five of the UK’s Best New Hotels for Foodies.

The Yan Bistro specialises in Cumbrian classics, nostalgic British favourites and exciting modern dishes made with exquisite local ingredients.

The Yan Untethered is their DIY restaurant kit offering and as such allows to experience some of the Yan Bistro’s classics at home:

  • Date Night Sorted @ £70.00 for 2
    A revolving menu deeply heartening and warming dishes from The Yan Bistro’s menu
  • A Cosy Night In @ £50.00 for 2
    A delicious menu of comfort food featuring pies, peas, mash and brownies
  • Mushroom, Roasted Leek & Spinach Pie @ £14.95 for 2

Lots more choice on the website. Something for everyone and a great way to support a local legend.

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The Best DIY Bacon Sandwich Kit Ever?

British | Breakfast | London | £ | UK Delivery

Is this the best DIY Bacon Sandwich Kit ever?

Since 2014 James, the founder of Le Swine Food Truck has been rocking our worlds with gourmet bacon sandwiches.

The rumour is (well it’s not a rumour, it says so on the website) that one morning James made off with one of his Chef’s bacon sandwiches . . . What ensued was a six year mission to bring that magnificent bacon sandwich to the British people.

Operating from a gloriously restored vintage Austin Morris Ambulance, Le Swine’s team have been deeply impacted by the lockdown. The answer? Make this stalwart of the British Food Truck Scene available in a DIY kit to be made at home.

Le Swine DIY Bacon Sandwich Kit:
Every kit comes with Le Swine’s trade mark ingredients of traditional middle bacon, bacon butter, milk and onion buns, fresh sage and homemade ketch-up . . . Each kit also comes with a voucher to be used at the Le Swine Food Truck at a future date . . . Cute!

  • DIY Bacon Sandwich Kit for 2 @ £12.00
  • DIY Bacon Sandwich Kit for 4 @ £22.50
  • DIY Brunch Kit for 4 @ £32.00

Shipped direct to your door . . .

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Cookie & Donut DIY Kits from The Treats Club

American | Dessert & Treats | London | £ | UK Delivery

Don’t forget the treats! These amazing DIY Dessert Kits from Hackney’s The Treats Club will hit the spot for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Now available for UK delivery from their celebrated Hackney store, The Treats Club team have been busy preparing two mouth watering DIY dessert kits for you to enjoy at home . . .

‘The Duo’ Bake at home molten cookie dough kit featuring 2 x cookie dough slabs, slated caramel sauce, chocolate fudge syrup, marshmallow fluff and sprinkles @ £19.00

‘The DIY Hot Donuts Kit’, a choice of four mouthwatering donut kits including Oreo S’mores, Vegan Biscoff, Nutella Fudge Brownie and a Ltd edition Red Velvet and White Chocolate @ £19.50

Free shipping when you spend over £30.00 – We say ‘GET INVOLVED’

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Artisan Raw British Honey Direct to your Door

Honey | Artisan Producer | UK | £ | UK Delivery

You love honey right? Oh yeah! Proper honey from proper British Bees . . . Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Green Bee Honey is a UK artisan honey producer specialising in delicate Raw (unpasteurised honeys) from Bees in one of the UKs last remaining medievil wildlands.

Being unpasteurised, Raw Green Bee Honey retains all of the beeswax, pollen, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes that are usually lost in a commercial process.

Green Bee Honey is also produced by a specific colony of Bees who enjoy the flowers of a single estate meaning that you get an artisanal honey taste that is unique to the area they live. So well looked after are these awesome Bees that their hives are even moved around the estate to suit specific floral blooms . . . No that’s a good life!

Green Be Honey currently have 14 amazing artisanal raw honeys for you to enjoy from a very reasonable £4.99 for a 150ml jar:

  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Luscious Lavender
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Golden Sunflower
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Nutty Buckwheat
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Light Acacia
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Sunny Dandelion
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Dark Forrest
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Buttery Goldenrod
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Musky Heather
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Malty Honeydew
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Aromatic Linden
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Multi Flower
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Mild Purple Tansy
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Peppered Rapeseed
  • Green Bee Raw Honey – Zesty Raspberry
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Modern British Dining at Home with Townsend

Modern British | Fine Dining | London | ££ | UK Delivery

Townsend Restaurant of Whitechapel in London is offers an ever changing menu of Modern British dishes from Head Chef Joe Fox and Nick Gilkinson. Based in the historic Whitechapel Gallery in Aldgate, Joe and Nick have pivoted to create a range of high quality restaurant meal kits for you to prepare and enjoy at home.

Their online store offers a range of delicious local (to them) produce that can be ordered online for UK delivery. Fresh local chicken, pork sausages, house chilli sauce, Glastonbury butter and house Walnut pesto are just some of the delicious products available.

The prepare at home restaurant kits are simple and easy to use and generally cater for two diners and include wine for around £40.00 – £50.00. There is also a range of single items for you to pick and mix from:

Townsend Restaurant – Sample set menu recipe kit for two including wine @ £40.00

Starter – Choose from:

  • Paddock Farm Pork & Prune Terrine
  • Potato Dumplings with Potted Shrimp & Spinach
  • Roasted Carrots, Pickled Pumpkin, Goats Curd & Toasted Walnuts
  • Fennel, Squash and Burnt Onion Salad with Pomegranate & Parsley Dressing

Main – Choose from:

  • Townsend Duck Leg Cassoulet
  • Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Colcannon & Apple Sauce
  • Townsend Fish Stew, Garlic Mayonnaise & Croutons
  • Welsh Potato Cake with Wild Mushrooms & Soft Boiled Hens Egg

Dessert – Choose from:

  • Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce & Salted Hazelnuts
  • Baked Cheesecake with Caramelised Apples
  • Treacle Tart with Creme Fraiche
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream


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