Awesomely Portable Artisan Vegan Wines from Kiss of Wine

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FINEDINER HQ had the pleasure of sampling the full range of Kiss of Wine’s artisan vegan wines this weekend and it’s been an absolute revelation!

The team have assembled a unique proposition, high-quality, artisan produced vegan wine in the convenience of a single serving can . . . The kind of product that’s absolutely perfect for The Great British Picnic, Summer Festivals or Hike’s in the Lake District!

The team have brought together some lovely wines from across Europe and there’s a great selection of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Riesling, Chardonnay, Grenache & Sauvignon Blanc.

The really lovely thing is that every wine is made by a known artisan winemaker in beautiful surroundings:

The crisp vegan Savignon Blanc is made by Nicolas on his farm just north of the Loire River. The refreshing Grenache is produced by Clotilde and his wine collective at the foot of Mount Olympe in Provence and the deliciously robust vegan Dolcetto is made by Corrado from 55 year old vines.

We could go on, but if you’re looking for some delicious vegan artisan wine this summer we suggest that you give them a try.

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Traditional British Sparkling Wine from Winding Wood

Wines | Fine Wine | Sparkling | Hungerford | ££ | UK Delivery

Award winning Winding Wood Vinyeard in Hungerford serve up a deliciously sparkling English Wine in very limited quantities . . .

Founded on the whimsical chat between the owners one evening in 2014, the pair decided to plant some serious roots and switch from Sheep farming to Wine making.

Still in the early days as far as wineries go, Winding Wood Vineyards have amassed a crest of awards for their wines, included a coveted Bronze Decanter award.

There are only two wines available to buy right now, with the 2016 Vintage selling out very quickly.

Winding Wood Vineyard 2016 Classic Cuvée Brut @ £29.50
Released in December 2019, this English Sparkling Wine is crafted from hand picked and batch crushed grapes. This wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle and then spends 24 months on its yeast lees and a further 6 months on cork in cellar.

Winding Wood Vineyard 2016 Demi-Sec @ £32.50
Made with the same hand-picked and batch crushed grapes, the Winding Wood Demi-Sec has a little sugar added to the base wine to make a perfect match for dessert.

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